Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Graduation

Today is my graduation day!!!!
Okayyy. I admit tat I'm so happy bcuz we're going to leave skul very soooon
But I will miss my high skul life too
I have a bunch of lovely frens.
Seriously, My tears almost burst out when I'm going to leave the hall.
Haha. Dunno wat they felt. But I'm truly happy to have these bunch of crazy frens!


Tze Yu ( Fren tat have a sincere heart)
Janice Low Suet Li ( Fren tat have a sweet smile)
Low Chian Ni ( Fren tat alwys trusted me)
Sara Yap ( Fren tat alwys make fun wit her pretty face)
Elaine Har ( Fren tat alwys provide transport and alwys share food wit me)
Carmen Loke ( Fren tat alwys help me when I'm in trouble)
Michelle Han ( Fren tat alwys give me good advice and willing to lend her ears to me)
Haha. Really hope tat v can keep in touch in the future. 
Guyss, I really love U soooooo much! :D


My imagination is truly good.
But i knw tat it was juz a dream. 
There is nothing happen between us. 
I'm juz too obsess to u.
But dun worry, it wont last long. =D
I knw wat is the difference between us.

Love is like a movie. 
It will have a happy or a sad ending.
Mine must b a sad ending. haha :D
Nothing much to say abt love cuz I'm not really knw "him"

Time pass very very fast. 
I already finished my trial on last week.
The result is not bad but not good also.
Haha. Will work more harder in this month!!
God bless me pls. :)

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